In this episode of Training Unleashed, Evan speaks with Chris Fuller, president and CEO of Influence Leadership, Inc. and RightPath Resources, and self-proclaimed experiential, adventure-seeking guy. Chris says that adventure opens his eyes to illustrations he can speak to and he uses real-life adventure metaphors when he’s working with clients because they carry through into business. And, don’t worry, they do talk about Chris’ unique approach to leadership in the interview.

Chris believes that leadership isn’t an “or,” that it’s about building an “and” culture.

Chris explained that, “it’s about being intentional and executing with excellence. About being service oriented AND passionate in your pursuit of what you’re doing. And, so I think without the skillset and the baseline of managerial excellence, of operation excellence, [that] leadership is just a pipedream that will discourage and diminish your organizational hope.

“Leadership is that icing on the cake, if you will.” Chris continues, “Leadership is engagement. Leadership is vision and strategy. There are a lot of components that would go into the leadership competency. But, again, without the fundamentals of the management aspects… you know, we need both ends of the spectrum. We need Tony Robbins and Peter Drucker. So how do we have an ‘and’ not an ‘or.’ “

Chris shares some of his stories about dog sledding in the Iditarod and being at Mt. Everest Base Camp to see the top of the world. Chris said that adventure opens his eyes to illustrations that he can speak to. So that when he goes into a business he’s not teaching to something that he’s read in a book, he’s teaching with real-life adventure metaphors that carry through into business.

Make sure you listen to the entire episode to get into the meat of Chris’ ideas on leadership and his new book InSPIRED Leadership, and (of course) to hear his BIG tip.

Chris’ Giveaway

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About Our Guest

Chris Fuller, CSP™ is an International Leadership Speaker, Author, and Consultant with over 25 years of experience in many aspects of business and organizational effectiveness.

Chris is President and CEO of Influence Leadership and RightPath Resources, serving businesses and leaders through the strategic development of their people.

A born adventurer, from SCUBA, sailing, fishing, motorsports, skydiving, Alaskan dog mushing, hiking the Great Wall and even Mt. Everest Base Camp, Chris loves leveraging tales of real-life adventure to bring critical leadership lessons to life.