In this episode of Training Unleashed, Evan speaks with Dr. Dennis Rebelo, professor and author of Story Like You Mean It, about developing your personal story to illustrate your individual value and worth.

Dr. Rebelo explained that people story by nature. Think about kids in kindergarten. They tell stories automatically—without even thinking about it. But as we grow up we lose our story telling muscle.

Dr. Rebelo shared how his Peak Storytelling model helps us flex that muscle again. During the interview, he explained how we can use the model to create a story about ourselves to help answer the “tell me about yourself” questions we get asked in job interviews or when we’re in a networking situation.

Evan shared the story he tells people that ask him how he became the CEO of Tortal Training, and asked Dr. Rebelo if he could tweak it… on-the-spot. Dr. Rebelo asked him a couple of questions. The result was an updated story for Evan, that went deeper into his history and really illustrated Evan’s passion for training using Dr. Rebelo’s Peak Storytelling model.

Enjoy the interview, and remember to listen to the end to hear Dr. Rebelo’s BIG tip and giveaways available on his website.

Dr. Rebelo’s Giveaway

Training Unleashed listeners can visit to download a FREE CHAPTER of Dr. Dennis Rebelo’s new book Story Like You Mean It. And, also available on his website, you can sign up for four (4) emails that will give you four secrets to becoming a storytelling hero.

About Our Guest

Dr. Dennis Rebelo is a professor, speaker, career coach, and author of Story Like You Mean It. He is the creator of the Peak Storytelling model, his research-based method for crafting the narrative of who you are and what drives you and why, utilized by former professional athletes turned nonprofit leaders as well as entrepreneurs, CEOs, guidance professionals, and advisers throughout the world.

Dr. Rebelo, former president of Alex and Ani University and co-founder of the Sports Mind Institute, recently received the 2020 Thomas J. Carroll Award for Teaching Excellence at Roger Williams University. He currently resides in Rhode Island.