In a recent Training Unleashed podcast, Evan Hackel interviewed Tom Schwab, podcasting guru and Founder/CEO of Interview Valet, the category king of Podcast Interview Marketing.

If you are eager to promote and market your company or yourself using podcasts – which Tom believes is one of the most effective ways possible – you will want to spend a productive half hour watching this episode and playing close heed to what Tom has to tell you.

Here is a summary of the great advice that Tom delivered:

What Is the Biggest Impediment to Promotion and Getting the Word Out about You and Your Company?

“Our view at Interview Valet is that obscurity is your biggest problem, right now! There are thousands, millions of people you could help. There’s only one problem. They don’t know you exist!

“They’d gladly hire you if they just knew your story. And so that’s what we focus on, getting those stories out. There are millions of inspiring thought leaders and millions of people they could serve – a lot of nonfiction authors, high-level coaches, consultants, brands, companies that really need to get their message out there by appearing on podcasts.

“Early on, we had a client that said, `I love working with you because you let me be the guest and you take care of all the rest.”

What Is your Most Compelling Content?

“Your clients are your best copywriters,” Tom told Evan. “And really, that became our tagline. So we’ve got a team of 27. They all don’t work in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with me. We’ve got people in Europe, Canada, the United States and even Mexico as we launch interview Valet Espanol. And so we’re collaborating with clients to figure out what they are, who they want to talk to, what they want them to do, finding those right podcasts for them, and making sure they’re confident and prepared for every interview they go into. So they show up 10 or 15 minutes before the interview to be prepped and then go on for a great discussion.

“Our clients want the maximum return on investment of their time and their money, and that’s why they work with Interview Valet.”

Tom’s Most Powerful Tip

Evan, as he does at the end of every Training Unleashed podcast, asked Tom to give listeners his most powerful success tip.

“My tip is that you are one conversation away . . . “ Tom told Evan.

He then went on to explain, “I believe that all great things start with conversations. There are a lot of different technologies that we can use to have them. But my questions to you are, what conversation do you need to have? And how can you have that conversation to scale, and how can you have it with the right people?

“For me . . . I’ve written a lot of blogs in my life and every one felt like a homework assignment to me. But it’s easier for me to talk. So I’ll have that conversation like this one, in a podcast. I’ll then repurpose it. I’ll share it with different people.

“So I would just share with that you’re just one conversation away from ______. [Your goal goes into that blank space.] What do you want that conversation to be, and how do you need to have it?”

Tom suggests you have that conversation in a podcast.

A Final Observation from Evan

In this podcast, Evan Hackel observed that he learns better by listening than he does by reading. And he can listen and learn from podcasts even when he is driving – anytime!

An Offer to the Training Unleashed Audience from Tom Schwab

Tom would like to offer a complimentary copy of his book Podcast Guest Profits: How to Grow Your Business with a Targeted Interview Strategy. You are invited to download your complimentary copy today.

About Our Guest

Tom Schwab is Founder/CEO of Interview Valet, the category king of Podcast Interview Marketing. He is one of today’s leading experts on podcasting.

Tom knows how to build an online business. He has done it successfully several times, and now helps others find online success with podcast interview marketing. Tom helps thought leaders (coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, emerging brands) get featured on the leading podcasts their ideal prospects are already listening to. He is also a thought leader on helping companies craft and present podcasts of their own.

Tom is author of books that include Podcast Guest Profits: Grow Your Business with a Targeted Interview Strategy.