In this episode of Training Unleashed, Evan speaks with Mark Morey, executive coach, culture developer and founder of A Connected Leader about creating a sense of belonging and strong culture with a remote workforce. A timely and important topic to discuss as the pandemic continues, and employees continue to be isolated from the workforce.

Mark noted that there have been so many changes in the past year and that people are suffering from a variety of crises, including working from home, home schooling or online schooling, people are losing their jobs.

“We’re also in the middle of a mental health crisis and we’re not talking about it.” People are being removed from their social circles, their community. Children are more isolated. And, employees are more isolated from their workforce.

Evan asked for Mark’s opinion on how you create a sense of belonging and strong culture with a remote workforce? Mark answered, “I’m not sure belonging existed in the workforce before the pandemic.” Mark noted that it might look like belonging is being facilitated, but the true aspects of what human beings need to connect and thrive was not present.

During the interview, Evan and Mark discussed this and other very interesting topics, and Mark shared some great tips with listeners, including how managers can

  • connect more deeply
  • be a good, deeper listener
  • stay awake with their employees
  • create a level playing field
  • and, be deliberate

Even with all of the great tips Mark shared during the interview, remember to stay to the end to hear his BIG tip.

Mark’s Giveaway

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About Our Guest

Mark Morey is the founder of A Connected Leader, a consulting firm specializing in evolving executive leadership and company culture. Mark’s goal is to transform outdated and struggling work environments into living systems of learning and growth.

As an artist, he realized that the culture of school was outdated, dropped out and took education into his own hands. His journey has led him to working at Outward Bound, leading the executive MBA off-site program at the INSEAD School of Business in Paris. After that he went further off-trail and apprenticed to the deeper aspects of being human with cultural elders and teachers around the world.

From there he spent 20 years building an international network of cultural and organizational leaders, evolving new systems of education to meet the ecological and social imperatives of our times. Today he works closely with a limited number of Fortune 100 executives at companies such as NIKE, evolving strategic thinking, talent development, and cultures of innovation that shift the game entirely.