Unleashing Insights on Diversity and Inclusion with Chloé Valdary

In this episode of the Training Unleashed podcast, host Evan Hackel engaged in a profound conversation with Chloé Valdary, founder of the Theory of Enchantment. This episode delves into the intricacies of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), emphasizing the importance of curiosity, compassion, and cultural fit in the workplace. Chloé shares her unique perspective on DEI training, providing valuable insights and practical strategies for organizations striving to create more inclusive environments.

Understanding the Importance of Cultural Fit

Chloé Valdary highlights the significance of cultural fit when hiring new employees. She explains that beyond qualifications and skills, aligning with a company’s culture is crucial for long-term success. Chloé suggests asking potential hires about what attracts them to the company and why they want to work there. This question helps uncover their core motivations and ensures they resonate with the company’s values. Additionally, she recommends presenting candidates with problem-solving exercises to gauge their curiosity and approach to challenges, further revealing their potential fit within the organization.

Innovative DEI Training Approaches

Valdary introduces her innovative DEI training methods, which include workshops, coaching, and digital platforms. Her workshops range from 90-minute virtual sessions, known as sprints, to full-day in-person marathons. One of her standout initiatives is the Enchanted Games League, a practice-based digital program. Over nine weeks, participants engage in daily quests that encourage self-reflection and curiosity. These quests, which take just six minutes each, prompt individuals to explore their feelings of expansiveness and defensiveness, the mindsets inherited from caregivers, and instances of perceived superiority. This approach fosters a habit of living in the question, enhancing participants’ ability to navigate conflicts with empathy and curiosity.

Embracing Self-Compassion and Lifelong Learning

Chloé Valdary emphasizes the transformative power of self-acceptance and compassion. She encourages individuals to recognize and overcome internalized negative self-judgment. By treating oneself with curiosity and love, people can project these positive attitudes onto others, reducing defensiveness and enhancing interpersonal relationships. Valdary’s advice is particularly relevant in the context of DEI, as fostering self-compassion can lead to more empathetic and effective communication within diverse teams. This practice of self-forgiveness and continuous self-improvement aligns with the philosophy of being a lifelong learner, a concept strongly advocated by both Valdary and Hackel.

About the Guest

Chloé Valdary is the founder of Theory of Enchantment, a company dedicated to providing innovative DEI training through workshops, coaching, and digital platforms. With a focus on fostering curiosity and compassion, Valdary’s methods aim to create more inclusive and empathetic workplace environments. Her approach is rooted in the belief that understanding and accepting oneself is key to understanding and accepting others. For more information about Chloé Valdary and her work, visit Theory of Enchantment or contact her team at [email protected].

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Unleashing Trust in Leadership with Dr. Mike Armour

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, the importance of trust in leadership cannot be overstated. As organizations strive for success, the relationship between leaders and their teams plays a crucial role. Dr. Mike Armour, a seasoned expert in leadership development, shared invaluable insights on trust, coaching, and organizational culture in a recent conversation with Evan Hackel. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from this enlightening discussion and explore how trust can be built and maintained within an organization.

The Essence of Trust in Leadership

Trust is the cornerstone of effective leadership. Dr. Armour emphasizes that building and maintaining trust requires consistent effort and dedication. He quotes Warren Buffett, who famously said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 10 minutes to wreck it.” This highlights the fragility of trust and the importance of nurturing it daily.

Dr. Armour explains that every interaction within an organization is akin to a sales call, where individuals continually resell themselves to colleagues and stakeholders. This ongoing process is crucial in establishing and reinforcing trust. Leaders must be aware of their actions and words, ensuring they consistently reflect reliability and integrity.

From Coaching to Mentoring: Developing Leaders Internally

One of the significant aspects of Dr. Armour’s work involves helping organizations develop internal mentoring programs. By fostering a culture where experienced leaders coach and mentor emerging talents, companies can build robust leadership pipelines. This approach not only enhances individual growth but also strengthens the organization’s overall resilience.

Dr. Armour’s book, “Developing Leaders Who Coach,” provides a comprehensive guide for organizations aiming to cultivate a coaching culture. The book distinguishes between coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training, offering practical advice on fostering a supportive environment where leaders can thrive.

Identifying Trust Issues: The Role of Anxiety and Fear

A critical insight from Dr. Armour’s discussion is the link between trust and the levels of anxiety and fear within an organization. High levels of anxiety and fear often indicate that trust is in disrepair. This connection is rooted in our neurological wiring, where the presence of fear can inhibit the brain’s ability to trust.

To gauge the state of trust in an organization, leaders should observe the general atmosphere and emotional climate. Reducing anxiety and fear through transparent communication, consistent actions, and empathetic leadership can significantly enhance trust levels.

About Our Guest

For over 30 years Dr. Mike Armour has helped leaders and executives perfect their professional skills, attain peak performance, and discover new dimensions of satisfaction and fulfillment. A successful author in leadership and other fields, Mike is currently published in over two dozen languages. His writing and coaching are marked by an astute understanding of personal behavior, organizational dynamics, and the process of cultural change.

For those interested in diving deeper into these concepts, Dr. Armour offers a free eBook, “Developing Leaders Who Coach,” which provides actionable insights and practical strategies. To receive a copy, simply email [email protected] with the subject line “Free Coaching Book.”

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Mastering the Art of Leadership: A Conversation with Chad Brown

Chad is an Associate Partner at Take New Ground and the host of The Naked Leadership Podcast with the founding partners of TNG (Take New Ground). In this episode, Evan takes a deep dive into the world of leadership with our special guest, Chad Brown. With a wealth of experience and insights, Chad is here to share his perspectives on what it takes to be an exceptional leader.

Defining Leadership

At the heart of this episode is Chad’s definition of leadership – an art form that involves inspiring and empowering others. Drawing from his diverse background and extensive leadership roles, Chad sets the stage for a conversation that goes beyond conventional leadership norms. Evan delves into the qualities that make a great leader, exploring authenticity, empathy, and adaptability with Chad. According to Chad, titles and authority don’t define leadership; instead, it’s about influence, service, and creating a culture of collaboration. The discussion serves as a guide for both emerging and experienced leaders, offering insights into what truly matters in leadership.

Navigating Challenges: Lessons from Chad’s Journey:

One of the most engaging parts of the episode is when Chad shares a significant leadership challenge he faced – leading a team through a major organizational change. The transparency, resilience, and adaptability required during this period provided invaluable lessons that every leader can learn from.

Advice for Aspiring Leaders:

For our aspiring leaders, Chad offers practical advice based on his journey. Continuous learning, embracing challenges, and being open to feedback are key components that Chad believes can contribute to a fulfilling and successful leadership journey.

About Our Guest

Chad Brown is a leadership engagement expert. He coaches executives and entrepreneurs in the art and science of leadership for themselves, their teams, and clients to create new, unprecedented results and experience fulfillment in their work. He thrives in extreme environments and finds comfort in difficult conversations. Over the last 5 years, Chad has trained and developed leaders at globally recognized brands like Lulu Lemon, and Ironclad Document Services along with many burgeoning start-ups.

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