Unleashing Financial Freedom: Real Estate Insights with Anita Winkles

Welcome to another insightful episode of Training Unleashed! In this podcast, we delve into the world of real estate investing with Anita Winkles, a seasoned entrepreneur who, along with her husband, has navigated from corporate management to financial freedom through strategic real estate investments. Join us as we explore Anita’s journey, her invaluable insights into creative financing, and how you can leverage her expertise to embark on your own path to wealth and independence in the real estate market.

From Corporate Jobs to Real Estate Freedom

Anita Winkles and her husband made a bold decision to leave their corporate jobs to pursue a dream of spending more time together and creating a better lifestyle. Through real estate investing, they achieved financial independence, enabling Anita to leave her corporate management job in 19 months, with her husband following suit a few years later. They now work together, balancing hard work and leisure, and have built a successful real estate investment business.

The Keys to Real Estate Investing

Anita highlights the simplicity of real estate investing, emphasizing two critical aspects: finding property deals and sourcing money. The latter often proves challenging due to a mindset of lack, preventing many from breaking into the market. To address this, Anita and her husband offer a flagship course on creative finance for real estate investors. This course blends traditional bank financing with innovative, tried-and-true methods to help new and intermediate investors navigate the financial hurdles of real estate.

Understanding Hard Money Lending

Hard money lending, often misunderstood, is a key concept in real estate investment. Contrary to its name, hard money is not hard to obtain if you have a great property deal. These loans come from private individuals or small companies that specialize in non-bank lending, typically working with investors looking to fix and flip properties or hold them for rental income. Hard money lenders can provide the necessary funds for acquisition and rehabilitation, making them a vital resource for real estate investors.

Special Offer

Anita Winkles is currently writing a book on private money lending, designed to help readers understand and safely navigate this type of investment. For those interested in learning more without the hands-on involvement in property management, becoming a private money lender offers a fantastic opportunity. To get a free digital copy of Anita’s upcoming book, email [email protected] with “Free Book” in the subject line, and mention Training Unleashed to receive your copy.

About Anita Winkles

Anita Winkles is a seasoned real estate investor and educator who, alongside her husband, transitioned from a corporate career to achieving financial freedom through real estate. With years of experience and a passion for helping others succeed, Anita specializes in creative financing and real estate investment strategies. Her expertise and dedication have made her a trusted resource for new and intermediate investors looking to enter the real estate market.