In a special Training Unleashed podcast, Evan Hackel interviewed Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm, two highly successful entrepreneurs who believe that the more you mentor others, the more success will come back to you.

In this life-changing podcast with Evan, they explain how their lives were transformed by the ideas of Zig Ziglar, who believed that “you can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

The men explained how their lives had been changed by mentoring others, discussed how that simple principle can bring you ultimate success, and went on to explain that mentoring means training other people. The half hour you spend watching this podcast will supercharge your success in everything you do.

Before you invest that time watching, we would like to share some insights from Kevin and Mark right now.  

Kevin Describes How Mentoring Builds Personal Success

In describing the role that mentoring others can play in building personal success, Kevin said “I think a mentor is a seasoned business executive, entrepreneur, somebody who has experienced all facets of business success and maybe had some exits in their business. That’s the type of mentor that I always liked, someone worldly. You know, I’ve had some great mentors . . . they have been there, done that, made the mistakes, learned from them, and now are positioned to be able to help others with their learning curve.”

Mark on the Power of Mentoring

And Mark expressed his own belief in mentoring when he said, “I like to say that a mentor has two ears and one mouth. Oftentimes we think of a mentor as someone who is talking to us all the time. That’s a motivational public speaker. But a mentor is someone who’s listening to you, who cares about where you’re going, who understands you’ve got a unique ability in this world, and who is all in to help that unique ability get to the world. A mentor is also someone who is willing to let you fail. There is so much more to learn from failure than there is when you are doing well. I mean, you learn through pain, you learn through struggles.”

Kevin and Mark Discuss the Importance of Training

And when Evan asked Kevin and Mark about the role that training plays in building a company’s success, both men were quick to describe the importance of education.

Kevin observed that when he started his first company, “I had no training at all for any aspect of my business. I was an entrepreneur building, making mistakes like you wouldn’t believe, blood running down my ankles.”

Training, he said, could have kept him from making mistakes.

Mark was quick to add, “And that’s why I love training, because training comes at you in all different formats and all different technologies from all different age groups. And it’s universally available. It’s available on your phone if you want to do it there. So I’m a big believer in training. Get rid of the stereotypes and just learn and then act.”

About Our Guests

Kevin Harrington was one of the original sharks on the hit television show Shark Tank. He is also recognized as the man who invented the infomercial. Mark Timm, who calls himself a “serial entrepreneur,” has built successful companies in more than a dozen countries, from retail to wholesale to manufacturing and real estate.

They believe so strongly in mentoring that they made it the subject of their new book, Mentor to Millions: Secrets of Success in Business, Relationships, and Beyond.