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Mastering the art of change leadership with Nancy Murphy

Evan Hackel recently sat down with organizational change consultant Nancy Murphy to discuss a topic that is on everyone’s mind these days: How can effective leaders bring about change in their organizations during these remarkably challenging times?

Nancy, Founder and CEO of CSR Communications, is a trainer, speaker, advisor, and mentor with a passion for teaching leaders of established organizations how to make change stick.

According to Nancy, the key to making change stick is by shifting our approach from managing people to leading people.

“Let’s stop talking about managing change because that implies that change is something that is predictable, controllable, linear, and logical . . . that you’re in certain stages for predictable periods of time and that if you have the right checklists, everything is going to be easy. As I said earlier, organizations are made up of people and people are messy, emotional humans. And especially when it comes to change, there are emotional triggers that make it hard. So, we can’t manage people. We can manage things, but we can’t manage people. We need to lead people.

“And so, the first mistake organizations make is to approach change as a purely scientific process, as though it’s a predictable, linear, manageable thing. Implementation of change might have some of those checklists, but we really need the change leadership first.”

If you are leading your organization through a process of change, you will want to listen to the entire episode of Training Unleashed with Nancy Murphy.

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Nancy invites you to access the free publications and resources you will find on the CSR Communications resource page. In our view, they are terrific!

About Our Guests

Nancy Murphy is Chief Executive Officer of CSR Communications. She is an entrepreneur, former intrapreneur, trainer, speaker, advisor, and mentor helping mission-driven organizations and socially conscious businesses achieve their next big initiative to rapidly expand their impact.

“I founded CSR Communications to help organizations move beyond grand gestures and bold statements, to organizational change that sticks,” Nancy says. “I’ve spent my career saying what others are afraid to – and learning to say it in ways that others will listen. From challenging stereotypes of girls in my Catholic school more than 30 years ago, to my first job after college convincing nonprofits to engage youth volunteers, or my role as board chair of a global nonprofit transforming the way we do international development, I’ve experienced the challenges of leading big change within established organizations. I’ve learned lots of lessons, developed techniques that work — and I’m willing to share them with others. I’ve worked with global nonprofits, foundations, Fortune 100 companies, local governments, and federal agencies.”

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Large Group Orientation with Amanda Gallant


In this episode of Training Unleashed, Evan speaks with Amanda Gallant, Director of Human Resources at Sunday River about orientation, training across multiple lines of business and training volunteers.

As with many seasonal businesses, Sunday River has challenges that come with transitioning to their busy season and adding over 1100 team members with 400-500 new hires—especially this year with the added challenge of managing the transition during a pandemic.

When Evan asked about the big idea Sunday River implemented to manage orientation this year, this is what Amanda had to say:

“Our orientation, up until to this year, is super fun. We have this big blow out every October typically where we get 400 to 500 people that come back to the resort—it’s typically rehires and very few new hires that come to this big orientation. But it is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and we talk about the resort updates, new things—capital project that we’ve done over the summer. It’s like our welcome back homecoming party. Um, so this year with COVID it’s been a challenge because we still want to have this fun atmosphere and community building piece of it but we really can’t get a group of 400 to 500 people in one room at the same time.

So, what we decided to do, and actually our CEO of Boyne, Allan Curcher, sent an email to us promoting what a large retailer was doing in their parking lots to get more people just to be outside and do things. It was a drive-in movie theatre. It was in this retailer’s parking lot. And so we were looking at it… and he was proposing it with the idea of can we do this with guests? Is there something—a fun activity we can do with guests. One of our team members on the senior team members, our GM of the Summit Hotel said, ‘why don’t we do that for orientation?’

Listen to the whole episode to find out more about Sunday River’s COVID-style orientation.

About Our Guest

Amanda Gallant is the Director of Human Resources at Sunday River Resort in Newry, Maine. She started at the resort in 2013, holding various positions in the Marketing department before transitioning into Human Resources in 2017. Amanda graduated from Husson University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration. Having grown up in the Western Maine Mountains, her return to the area after college was a natural fit.

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Using the Entrepreneurial Operating System for Growth with Jeff Chastain


In this episode of Training Unleashed, Evan speaks with Jeff Chastain founder of Admentus, Inc. about how he helps businesses become more operationally efficient and effective using the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

Jeff explains his approach to Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), “EOS is based on the foundation, it’s like the old parable of build a house on the rock or build it on the sand, the house is the same. Every business is going to face storms, whether it’s a global pandemic or a key employee leaving—it all comes down to the foundation.”

He continues, “What have you got your house built on? What do you have your business built on? And if you have a solid foundation on it, when it comes time for the storm, or when it comes time to scale or grow, it’s much easier to do so successfully, because you’ve got that foundation laid.”

Don’t forget to listen for Jeff’s tip at the end.

Jeff’s giveaway

A free 90-minute workshop! Visit to sign up for the workshop.

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Storytelling Video with Trevor Rappleye

Evan Hackel sits down with Trevor Rappleye. Trevor is the CEO Of Corporate and Franchise Filming, a company that specializes in producing hi-quality video content, specifically storytelling video. Some topics discussed include what storytelling video is, how to produce engaging video content for today’s audiences, best practices when it comes to video equipment and more. Visit to learn more. Thanks for listening!

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Business Coaching with Sky Stephens


Evan sits down with Sky Stephens. Sky is a coach with Association of Professional Builders. APB helps transform custom home builders into professional home builders through marketing and coaching support. Some topics discussed include how APB got started and what it is today, how to get companies to buy into business coaching, best practices for keeping training alive and exciting, thoughts on the benefits of having a company book club and much, much more. 

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Responsibility and Accountability with Ed Evarts

In this episode Evan Hackel sits down with Ed Evarts. Ed Evarts is the founder and president of Excellius Leadership Development, an organization focused on coaching mid- to senior- level leaders and their teams in business environments. Some topics discussed include Responsibility vs. accountability, advice on how to have a successful career, how responsibility impacts companies, thoughts on business culture and milestones and more. To learn more about Ed and his company Excellius visit

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Thriving in Difficult Times with Meridith Elliott Powell

In this episode Evan Hackel is joined by Meridith Elliott Powell. Meridith is a motivational business speaker, business growth strategist and award-winning author. Some topics discussed include how uncertainty can be a necessity for growth, best practices for conditioning yourself for change, accepting change and how to benefit from change, thoughts on moving from speaking in person to speaking virtually and more. Visit for more information on Meridith and details on her free offer. Thanks for listening!

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Data Best Practices with Dr. John Johnson

Evan Hackel sits down with Dr. John Johnson. John founded and helped build Edgeworth Economics into a world-class economic consulting firm, bringing together a group of the brightest, most rigorously trained economists in the industry. Some topics discussed include how data can improve training in your organization, best practices for obtaining data and how to track results, the importance of properly analyzing data and more. Click HERE for more information on Dr. John Johnson..

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Disruptive Thinking and Innovation with Neil Sahota

Evan Hackel sits down with Neil Sahota. Neil is an IBM™ master inventor, author, business advisor and keynote speaker. Some topics discussed include what a master inventor is, how new technology and artificial intelligence impacts the training world, how companies bring disruptive thinking into their processes and more. Visit for your free consultation with Neil. Visit the contact page, fill out the form and mention code trainingunleashedpodcast.

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Building Team Training with Daniel Marcos

Evan sits down with Daniel Marcos. Daniel Marcos is the co-founder and CEO of Growth Institute, the leading online executive education company for C-level executives at fast growing firms. He is a keynote speaker and a CEO Coach. Some topics discussed include strategies on how to create effective eLearning, suggested apps to use for helping build a strong community, best practices for coaching and more. Visit to learn more about Daniel Marcos and Growth Institute.

Click HERE for a free trial of Growth Institutes’ latest business training program.

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