Cracking the Leadership Code with Alain Hunkins

This week Evan talks with Alain Hunkins, a sought-after keynote speaker, facilitator, author and coach. Alain is also a leadership expert who connects the science of high performance with the performing art of leadership. Some topics discussed include 3 secrets to building strong leaders, how to best approach people with opposing personality types, how leaders can adapt quickly in challenging times, how to lead with empathy and more. To learn more about Alain and his new book “Cracking the Leadership Code” visit

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Book Writing 101 with Pat Iyer

This week Evan sits down with Pat Iyer. Pat is a well-respected author, book coach, editor, professional speaker and ghostwriter. Some topics discussed in this episode include why people that are interested in writing a book should write a book, best practicing when working with a co-author, various options for self-publishing through Amazing and more. If you are interested in writing a book, then this episode is a must listen. To learn more about Pat visit


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Following Your Own Compass During Times of Change with Kris Girrell

This week Evan talks with Kris Girrell, CEO of Interworking Consulting. Kris’ background spans over 30 years of organizational consulting and executive leadership coaching. Some topics discussed include the important of knowing your company values, thoughts and ideas on how businesses can function post COVID-19, thoughts on how COVID-19 will affect future generations and more. To learn more about Interworking Consulting visit

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Maintaining Company Culture When Working Remotely with David Veech

This week Evan is joined with David Veech. David is an author, teacher, coach, consultant and founder of Leadersights – Loving, Learning, and Letting go. Some topics discussed include best practices for leaders when working with your team remotely, takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic, how to keep culture when working remotely, the differences between working from home and in an office environment and more. To learn more about David visit

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Integrating 7 Habits into Your Life with Jennifer Colosimo

Jennifer Colosimo currently leads sales and operations for FranklinCovey in the United States and Canada. Jennifer has been a featured speaker and panelist at numerous conferences speaking on business acumen, strategy execution, culture change and women in leadership. Some topics discussed include living with empathy, what the working environment will be like in the future, seek first to understand then to be understood, how to be more effective in today’s working environment and more. Click HERE to learn more about Jennifer Colosimo.

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4 Disciplines of Execution with Chris McChesney

This week Evan sits down with Chris McChesney to discuss his latest book “4 Disciplines of Execution.” Besides being an author, Chris is a professional speaker and the Global Practice Leader of Execution for Franklin Covey. Some topics discussed include a breakdown of each discipline, the benefits of adopting these disciplines, what Wildly Important Goals are and how to use these disciplines to achieve them and more. To learn more about Chris McChesney visit

2020-04-23T12:05:26-04:00April 23, 2020|

Reinventing Yourself with Jonathan Keyser

This week Evan sits down with Jonathan Keyser. Jonathan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and founder of The Keyser Institute. Jonathan has made it his life’s mission to teach others to create their own success through his steps to selfless reinvention. Some topics discussed include how to start reinventing yourself, living a life of gratitude, you don’t have to be ruthless to win and more. To learn more about The Keyser Institute and to receive your free offer visit

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