Creating a Framework for Well-Being with Paul Sherman


In this episode of Training Unleashed, Evan speaks with Paul Sherman, executive coach and co-founder of Ask What Matters?! about the importance of well-being and the benefits of well-being as a learnable skillset and how it enhances performance and engagement in the workplace.

“When we think about wellness think about physiological wellness…” Paul explained, “Well-being is an entirely different construct. It builds on wellness. So when you think about well being, I see myself in the training and well-being business. Well-being is fundamentally about having people be grounded at their best selves. So when you think about the components of well-being, yes there’s the physical health side, which encompasses wellness, but you also look with well-being, you look at having the sense of purpose. Having clarity about who you are fundamentally. What you want in the world. Who you want to be in the world. So, there’s an element of personal leadership with well-being. And there’s also, too, an element of social connection.”

Paul continued, “so when you look at the three prongs of well-being: it’s purpose, it’s health—both physical and emotional, and connection.”

Evan asked Paul to go deeper into leadership and mindset, and how they relate to well-being.

“If you cut to the chase, well-being is fundamentally about you being your best person. In all aspects of your life. You being as non-reactive and as creative and responsive as you can be. And I use the word leader when I talk about well-being because when your well-being is high, you’re actually the leader of your life. A leader across the board. In all aspects of your life.”

Listen to the episode to learn more how you can create a framework for well-being in your organization to enhance performance and engagement.

Paul’s Giveaway

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About Our Guest

Paul Sherman, executive coach and co-founder of Ask What Matters?!, is a certified professional coach, workshop leader, and author specializing in individual, team and organizational performance. Over his 25 year career he has brought his unique blend of people and business acumen to over 50 major corporations and government agencies worldwide. His extensive experience includes leadership development, organizational assessment, and implementing strategic change initiatives including mergers, product launches, and new information technologies.

A pioneer in the emerging field of Team Coaching, Paul is co-founder of Team Coaching International (TCI), a global coaching services company with a presence in 45 countries. He is co-author of Team Coaching: A Systems View, published in the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations. He has been a featured speaker on the topic of team coaching vs. team building at the annual international conference of the Association for Talent Development. Paul’s team coaching specialties include cross-functional, project and leadership teams in a variety of disciplines and industries.

As an executive coach Paul is committed to helping middle and senior level managers to develop their values-based authentic leadership in the context of managing for results. He is a firm believer that in order to change behavior, one must look at the underlying thoughts, beliefs and feelings that drive behavior. His clients characterize his coaching style as candid, passionate, feedback-intensive, empathetic, authentic, pragmatic, and business-focused.